Environmentally Responsible Architecture

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Sustainable Building


AMD is experienced in the use of alternative building materials and methods of construction. Designs have included straw bale construction, rammed earth, insulated concrete form systems and structural insulated panels. Even projects that are more "mainstream" use materials which are energy and resource-efficient in their production, installation and continued usage. These products range from bamboo flooring to high performance windows. Our philosophy is based on no preconceived ideas of using one system or another but rather looks at each project individually to determine the most appropriate technology and methods for the given situation.


Architecture must be responsive to human needs without sacrificing the needs of future generations by respecting our natural resources. Taking this a step further, ecologically sensitive design creates places of great user satisfaction while respecting the web of life. Architecture may be the most powerful means by which a civilization can leave its mark for future generations. From Anasazi dwellings to 1940’s ramblers, buildings provide clues as to whether a culture has lived within their means as well as their attitude toward natural systems. AMD is committed to making sustainability a top priority.

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