Avian Health Center - Tracy Aviary

Avian Health Center - Tracy Aviary
Salt Lake City, UT (2015)

Providing a vet clinic on the grounds of the Tracy Aviary directly benefits the health and welfare of all their avian residents. The clinic is used to quarantine new birds until the staff is sure they don't harbor any illness that could spread to the rest of the bird population.  It is also used for treating injured or sick birds.  For the aforementioned reasons, the Avian Health Center is arguably the most important support building on the Tracy Aviary campus.


  • All holding spaces have direct access to natural daylight
  • Variety of holding spaces: indoor, outdoor, concrete pools, etc.
  • Bird friendly/safe design
  • Durable & low-maintenance
  • LEED Silver certification


  • Sensors & appropriate lighting fixtures help combat light pollution 
  • Use of regional & recycled materials
  • Low VOC finishes


  • Located on the southwest corner of Liberty Park in Salt Lake City