Our design process begins by gaining an in-depth understanding of our clients' wants and requirements in order to provide them with the best possible options unique to their life and style. Our custom designs reflect the individual desires and needs of each client, resulting in aesthetically beautiful and functional solutions. Rather than presenting a trademark style, AMD provides site-climate-client specific design responses that utilize appropriate technologies and innovations.

There is often more than one appropriate solution to a project. We feel it is necessary to explore these options during the design phase to prevent regrets or "what-if's" down the road. AMD is fully computerized with a Macintosh CAD system capable of three-dimensional design studies. Computer-aided design allows us to easily compare or combine design schemes whether in plan, elevation, or in three-dimensions. It is much simpler (and less costly) to modify the design on paper rather than during construction. We use every tool possible to effectively communicate the design to give you a final product that you will be excited about.