Architecture may be the most powerful means by which a civilization can leave its mark for future generations. From Ancestral Puebloan dwellings to 1940s ramblers, buildings provide clues as to whether a culture has lived within their means, as well as their attitude toward natural systems. Architecture must be responsive to human needs without sacrificing the needs of future generations - this can only happen when we respect our natural resources.

AMD Architecture strives to create spaces that empower people to live healthy, safe, intentional lifestyles - maintaining a balance in the web of life so that all living beings and life systems will have the opportunity to thrive. Taking this a step further, ecologically sensitive design creates places of great user satisfaction while respecting the web of life. As such, we believe that “green” design is synonymous with “good” design. We value beautiful, enduring, meaningful, efficient, and environmentally responsible design solutions for all project types and sizes.

At AMD we walk the talk - we not only design sustainably, but we also incorporate sustainable strategies in our office culture. As a policy, we make every effort to be efficient in our use of energy and resources.